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What to call this entity that takes up a not yet identified amount of space in this universe?
Let's call this specific accumulation of atoms --


Or. Stephanie Yavelow. Or whichever you want.
She may not care but still appreciate your opinion and effort.

VAYY mainly keeps her central nervous system and physical body occupied
with the following mind bending and body bending activities --
singing. producing. dancing.
philosophy. yoga. mysteries.
reading. free running. art.

food. food. food.


VAYY has emotional connections to the following places in the world --
Los Angeles, where the first breath was taken.
The Netherlands, where the first conscious choice was made and many seasons were spent.
The East Coast and Switzerland, where family exists and is missed from afar.

VAYY's main objectives in this limited time on earth --
experience. love. question.
connection. experience. acceptance.
create. understanding. love.